St. Moriz Professional Self Tanning Mousse - Dark (200ml)

St. Moriz makes it so easy to have a gorgeous, golden tan without the use of harmful UV rays. Their product range is developed so anyone can obtain that perfect bronze skin. Suitable for all skin types, St. Moriz self tan products are simple to apply and will leave you with a flawless finish.

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St. Moriz, the best kept secret in self tanning. A healthy glowing tan makes us look and feel amazing. Experts at St. Moriz have created a range of affordable self tanning Mousses to help you become a St. Morizsta - effortlessly sunkissed and naturally tanned every day.

St. Moriz uses the highest quality ingredients and our products are all made in England. All self tan formulas are tried and tested by St. Moriz’s team of St. Morizstas, so when they reach the shops, you know you’re buying self tanning perfection in a bottle.

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse is available in Medium and Dark. For a perfect tan in all areas, first prepare your skin. Remove the outer layer of dead skin cells using your favourite body scrub. Moisturise dry areas of your skin (i.e. knees, elbows, hands, ankles, feet and hairline) and allow to dry before applying St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse.


Shake the closed bottle. Apply the Mousse evenly, in a circular motion, to the body and face, preferably using the St. Moriz patented Applicator Mitt that definitely leaves no stain on your hands. You will get an instant bronzing effect that develops into a long-lasting tan in a few hours. Avoid water contact and perspiration for 6-8 hours while the tanning mousse develops.

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