Pretty Smooth 3 Pack Exfoliating Smoothing Mitts

Pretty Smooth Smoothing Mitts are a fast and easy way to remove hair and exfoliate skin. Ideal for getting smooth legs fast.

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- Exfoliating.
- Easy to use.
- Hair removal aid.
- Quick way of getting smooth skin.
- Can be carried in handbag.



- Skin must be clean and dry.

- Place the mitt against the skin and gently rub in a circular motion 4 times in one direction and then repeat 4 times in the other direction.

- Always use the mitts in a circular motion and do not rub up and down.

- The hair removed and skin that has been exfoliated will appear as a fine dust.

- When hair removal is complete, apply a cool damp towel to the area and it is recommended that moisturiser is applied.

- Smoothing mitts can be reused, but ensure that the mitt is cleaned after each use.


Material: Paper; Coating - Silica

Ingredients No